Beyoncé: A Model For Young, Modern Mothers?

I’m really impressed with Beyoncé. After giving birth to one of the most anticipated celebrity babies of the year (decade?) she has since constantly been in the media radiating confidence, beauty and strength.

Now, I am not ignorant to the fact the celebrity mothers have all the support they could possibly desire (and pay for) at their disposal. Nor am I blind to the fact that Bey has a dedicated husband, supportive and present family and some really awesome friends, too.

With that being said, I think Beyoncé is doing really well. She’s regularly snapped taking Blue Ivy for walks (here, here, here and here) in New York, wearing practical, comfortable (and stylish!!) shoes and clothes. Usually on her own, but her mother has been seen to make an appearance, too.

As a wife, Beyoncé seems to balance time spent at home with her family and time spent alone with her husband. The two were recently seen enjoying some alone time while on holiday (with her wearing full-piece bathing suit, not a bikini!), and back at home they’ve been seen taking in the New Jersey Nets games sitting courtside on a few occasions in recent weeks. As a doting aunt, Beyoncé is also making time for her nephew, Daniel, who is often photographed with his famous aunt. Plus, she’s already back at work having launched her new website,, plus new tour dates for May 2012, and she’s working on new material!

So while I know that Beyoncé is no ordinary mother and lives in a world filled with privilege and five-star treatment, I also think that there is a lot that young, first time mothers can learn from her.

I’ll sum it up:

Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter

Spending alone time with your child is important.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Daniel

So is spending time with your husband and family.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Tina

Rely on your support network - family, friends, etc.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy

Be comfortable in your own skin - and your shoes...

Beyonce Beach St Barts

... and your clothes

Beyonce's Letter to Michelle Obama

Take time off to do things that's important to you.

Bey yourself

Bey yourself. (See what I did there?)