Coming up: design, books, Instagram and the regulars

Hi lovelies…

I’ve been a bit busy recently and have not had some proper time to prepare some posts. But, have no fear, I have some exciting posts lined up for the next few days. Including a home tour, design inspiration, Instagram and love, a book review, posting some images of my new home and of course, regular news and lifestyle updates. Phew.

In-between I’ll be watching some footie (Barcelona vs. Chelsea tonight!), decorating and settling into my new flat (in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, waking up to the mountain!) and finishing a few books I’m busy with (I’m captivated by the Book Thief by Markus Zusak at the moment… so beautiful).

Finally, THANK YOU to you lovelies, my readers. I started this blog just over a month ago and yesterday noted that I’m almost at 1 000 readers! I will continue to read your blogs and engage with the community because, I must admit, I enjoy reading as much, if not more, than writing! 

Have a lovely week now.

B ❤