Mobama and Oprah At War? New Book Makes Explosive Claims

Mobama and Oprah

Mobama and Oprah Covers O, The Oprah Magazine

A new book by former New York Times Magazine Editor, Ed Klein, claims that Michelle Obama  and Oprah Winfrey, publicly painted as close friends and confidantes, are in fact often at odds on a range of issues including the issue of weight!

The book claims that Mobama is highly distrustful and accused Oprah of trying to increase her show ratings by being associated with the First Family. Oprah, meanwhile, is said to have told staff that Michelle Obama “hates fat people” after the First Lady declined to appear on a show about teenage obesity.

The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House also claims that:

  • Bill Clinton labelled Barack Obama an amateur
  • Michelle Obama gets White House staff to spy on Barack Obama, fearing infidelity
  • Bill Clinton tried to persuade his wife Hilary to quit as Secretary of State and to run against Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2011
  • That Barack’s former paster, Jeremiah Wright, whose racially inspired sermons were of concern to the candidate, was offered a bribe by an Obama friend to not preach until after the elections
  • Michelle resents the close relationship between her husband and Oprah

An excerpt of the book was published in the New York Post this past Sunday.