Well You’ve Had A Bad Day, Let’s Turn It Around (And Why Good Friends Are Awesome)

Yesterday was a bad day. Incredibly long, littered with meetings, coldness and situations that lead me to questioning my life choices, my reason for being here and my decision to buy tons of Two Minute Noodles for lunch this month (I realised that I bought the noodles because MSG doesn’t come in bite sized packs…). So I emailed my flattie – flatmate in peoplespeak – and complained and moaned and lamented the sad turn my life has taken. The solution to such a dreadful day? Vodjuiceka, chilling on the grass outside and copious amounts of soup and toast (it’s winter in Cape Town).

It didn’t solve all my problems (actually it just solved the one of hunger) but it made me feel better – tons better (yes, that’s somewhat thanks to the vodjuiceka). But now I also sleep better knowing that I have awesome friends that would interrupt their normal busy lives to have a Phuza Thursday with me.


[All images via weheartit]