Happening Now: Your Next Banged Up Abroad Episode

Meet Lindsay Sandiford. She is a 56-year-old housewife from the English town of Redcard, in north-eastern England. Sandiford tried to sneak into Bali from Bangkok with 4.7 kilograms of cocaine lining her suitcase. The cocaine is thought to be worth close to 1.6 million pounds.

The ingenious police at Bali’s airport then turned Ms. Sandiford into an informant of sorts, having her make a controlled delivery to catch her accomplices waiting for the drugs in Bali. This led to the arrest of three more British nationals and an Indian man. After the arrests, the police arranged a press conference and allowed the world to see Ms. Sandiford and all the cocaine she tried to smuggle, with her sitting behind the cocaine that’s been placed on a scale. They are seen laughing happily and looking smug in the background.

For her part, Ms. Sandiford says that the smugglers were threatening her children back in the UK if she refused to carry the drugs.

This story has all the ingredients for a very interesting Banged Up Abroad episode. One should, however, be mindful that the maximum penalty for drug trafficking in Indonesia is death by firing squad.



[via Daily Mail]