Pandora’s Box: Inside My Handbag

Over the weekend I managed to lose the keys to our office. I realised this on Monday when I was trying to get into the office. Everyday, twice a day, since this realisation, I’ve gone through my handbag, hoping the keys will appear suddenly from a nook or pocket that I might have missed. Alas, no luck. Today I decided to empty my entire bag and give it one final go-through. Only when all my stuff was laden across my desk did I realise how much shit stuff I have in my bag.

Pandora’s Box

What I found:

1. Two apples

2. My lunchbox (with yummy lasagna!)

3. Purse

4. Random money  – coins and notes (win!!)

5. Diary/Notebook

6. Book I’m currently reading (Outlaws, Inc.) (Review coming soon!) (Post about awesome authors on twitter who help you find stuff they refer to in their books also coming soon!)

7. Sample chapters of a book I should have read and reviewed

8. Random connectors and chargers (incl. iPod, iPhone, adaptor)

9. Phone stand + phone pouch

10. Beanie

11. Hand Lotion, Lip Balm

12. Flat Keys

13. Flash Drive

14. Card holder (for library card, train card, and missing credit card!)

15. Bobby pins (I’m always losing them!)

16. Brush/comb thingy

17. Breath mints

I couldn’t believe it either!

It had all of this, but no missing keys. Hmpf.



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