Current Obsession: Satchels (And The City)

Two days ago, I was running late for my train to a meeting I had on the other side of the peninsula. In my state of running, I spotted a beautiful beige and white ladies satchel at one of the street vendors in the city. It literally stopped me dead in my tracks, which is unusual for a number of reasons. 1) I usually ignore the street vendors’ offerings because they look like duds of designer items. 2) They’re usually of very poor quality. 3) And, if I’m honest, some of the vendors scare me a bit with their leering and asking about my boyfriend etc.

So in general, I avoid it (a tough task since they’re EVERYWHERE in the Cape Town CBD). But, like I said, this bag stopped me in my tracks. I decided to buy it and within 90 seconds, I’d negotiated the vendor down from R180 to R90 (yes, that’s a 50% discount, whoop) and even got him to pop it in my backpack, which I didn’t have time to actually take off, only pulling it to the side of my body to fish out my purse. This, however, kicked off a rather interesting obsession with satchels. Now that I’ve got mine, I can’t stop admiring others online (especially here).

Here’s some of my favourites.

OK, I’ll stop now. But here’s more!