Watch Die Antwoord’s New Music Video (Normal Amount of Cray)

This is the new video for Baby’s On Fire, the new single off their latest album, Ten$ion.

Starring Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja (the latter also directed the six-minute video), it’s the normal amount of crazy for Die Antwoord. There’s some mentions for FHM Magazine, expensive clothes, Red Bull and sold out overseas concerts.

I think it’s bound to upset at least some religious organisations, but it’s a close to accurate portrayal of lower middle class white South African life.

8 – for cultural relevance

7 – for better clothes

5 – for lyrics (yes, that’s on the fence)

10 – for evolution of the band


PS: Their previous video for the single I Fink You’re Freaky has already clocked over 8 million views on YouTube. Boom.