Dear Prime Minister, Some Weekends Are Rougher Than Others

After a weekend of debauchery, take-away good food, great company, lost misplaced personal items (cellphones, sunglasses…) and celebrations with the nectar of the gods, Mondays may sometimes bring around glimpses of embarrassing funny details, longing for sleep and a desire to time travel to the end of the day for most people. But more so for others like, say, British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Yesterday, Mr. Cameron took his family out for a drinking and eating at a local pub. After the usual (stately) frivolities, Mr. Cameron returned to his official country residence, only to realise that he’d left his eight-year-old daughter back at the pub. According to the Daily Mail:

The Prime Minister was driven back to Chequers, which is two miles from the pub, with protection officers in one car, while Mrs Cameron drove their other children in another. Mr Cameron presumed that Nancy was in the car with his wife, while she thought that their daughter had jumped in with the Prime Minister.

Oh my. Apparently the child was left alone at the pub for close to 15 minutes. I think Mr. Cameron should take note of the brave toddlers in China who, when left unsupervised and to their own devices, attempt incredibly daring feats.

Happy Monday.