Stumbled On: Pretty Awesome Websites

I’m on the interwebs a lot. A lot. As a result, I value user experience when it comes to websites, facebook pages, twitter accounts and mobile sites etc. More often than not I run into some really poorly designed, maintained and integrated websites. But sometimes, I come across some really well-designed, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing website designs. Like the ones below.

1. Slow in the City 

  • Love the font
  • Really great pictures – professional yet relaxed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Sleek, contemporary, modern
  • Sophisticated colour scheme

2. Power of Youth

  • Clean and crisp
  • One scroll (up or down) makes for easy navigation
  • Great integration and extension of the logo

My appreciation might from time to time show up on this blog.

Check them out for yourself!



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