The Weekend That Was…

This weekend:

… I hosted a dinner party!

My Table Setting (With a lovely fire in the background!)

It’s my birthday tomorrow (yay!). But because my friends and family are scattered all over Cape Town, I decided to have smaller, intimate celebrations as opposed to one big celebration. This dinner party on Saturday evening was the first in a series of celebrations for turning 26 (gulp).

  • Starter: Thai Green Curry
  • Main: Roast Leg of Lamb with Deconstructed Dophinoise Potatoes (hah!) and Vegetables
  • Dessert: Malva Pudding

It was a great evening with lots of laughter, wine and relaxation.

… I took a drive around Cape Town!

Statue of Louis Botha in the City Centre

A Moody Atlantic Seaboard

Usually when we have such dismal weather as we’ve seen in Cape Town this past weekend, I just want to curl under a blanket, close to a fire, with a good book, the remote control, a bottle of wine and many DVDs close by. But yesterday, after sleeping off a thundering hang-over from the post-dinner party festivities, I decided to go for a drive (primary motivation was to get out of the house a bit, more truthful primary motivation was to get some delicious pastries from Cassis). I ended up driving through the city then to the V&A Waterfront and finally, a drive back via Camps Bay and Victoria Drive, then Hout Bay and Constantia. All very wet, all very rainy.

… I had amazing cake!

Love. Revenge. Cappuccino’s Baklava (front), Caramel Cheesecake (right) and Chocolate Cake (top)

Finally, I ended off Sunday with amazing cake from Love Revenge Cappuccino. Their Caramel Cheesecake and Rose and French Vanilla tea is beyond amazing.

Oh, and… I squeezed in some shopping!

Sign at the V&A Waterfront

At a mall for headless people, apparently.

That’s the weekend that was.