The Dark Knight Rises: A Review

I finally got to see Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, the last in the trilogy and the next installment after The Dark Knight.

In short: Go watch it, it’s worth it. Christopher Nolan still remains one of the best directors out there, delivering movies that are insightful, witty, with great dialogue and stunning scenes.

Here’s my full review as posted on Rotten Tomatoes:

Christopher Nolan is a director who commands respect and awe. With movies like the Dark Knight and Inception, not many people would disagree. Warner Bros. certainly would not; they’re only too happy for the movie meister to apply his directorial magic (and subsequent box office draws) on their time. I think as a result, there are huge expectations placed on Nolan’s movies. Especially on the Batman series. So while certainly there are a corps of moviegoers who would go and see a Christopher Nolan movie even if it was about a bowl of soup and stars Karl Largefeld’s cat, there are others who expect insightful scenes, intense and complex acting, a riveting score, ingenious scripts and big scenes. And we expect Christopher Nolan to bring it all together, in a brilliant yet simple way. So genius. In The Dark Knight Rises he falls slightly short of the mark. While the opening and first hour or so is riveting and exciting with creative dialogue and stunning scenes, the last hour of the movie fails to live up to expectations. Tom Hardy as a villain appears genuinely fear inducing with a steel mask and bulk of a body. However, at times predictable with boring script and a sometimes difficult to hear villain, Dark Knight Rises felt like a movie made of puzzle pieces just not fitting together solidly. Anne Hathaway delivers a good performance as Cat Woman, but Christian Bale seems a tired hero and way to comfortable in the hermit life. Marion Cotillard is underused and Gary Oldman spends too much time attached to a hospital bed. Hans Zimmer’s score is like a thread that spreads over Nolan’s last three box office smashes but still ties scenes together brilliantly. While a disappointment in general, it’s still one of the better movies of the first half of 2012 and yes, I’ll go and watch it again, and will probably buy the DVD too.