I’m Out of My Mind, Please Leave A Message

The past few months have been rough – I’ve settled into my new job (yay!) and am ready for the next challenge. I’ve had to tie up some issues with my old job which took up a lot of my free time (but I liked the work, and the people, so…). Squeeze in flat moving, traveling (Cape Town, Johannesburg), socialising, shopping, reading (now on No Higher Honour, the second installment of A Song of Ice and Fire and a sometime segway into Fifty Shades of Gray [I just can’t seem to get into it]…) and general vegging trying to catch up on series (I’ve started watching Community… Oh. My. Goodness. It’s awesome. Warning: Future Joel McHale Hotness posts might be forthcoming) and movies and then suddenly you wake up one day on the floor of your old flat in a sleeping bag with a candle for light feeling like…

In the meantime, the Tea Club has topped 10 000 views (!). Thank you so much. Really. I cannot truly believe that anyone would be interesting in my inane ramblings and quirky aesthetic appreciation. People who meet me in life already find it hard to believe. But I like blogging, and will continue to do so.

In other news, I attended the Cape Town leg of the Linkin Park Living Things Tour  last night at the Cape Town Stadium. It was amazing (not phenomenal, but amazing). Tragedy struck before the show though when an advertising board was blown over and landed on some of the concert goers, killing a woman and injuring several others. This is really tragic.

Chester Bennington During The Show

The accident, though, had NOTHING to do with the concert. Linkin Park released a statement in which they say they had nothing to do with the ad (though they expressed their condolences to the family of the woman who died). Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and the rest put on a really good show despite the tragedy. There was a lot of teenage angst, head banging and a surprising number of older people. Media spin and all that side, I did manage to get out of the V&A parking lot in under an hour… which is more than I can say for the 90 minute wait after the Coldplay Concert earlier this year…

The line-up included some of their new stuff (Victimiszed, Leave Out All The Rest, New Divide)  and some old classics (Numb, In the End, Bleed it Out) but in general in was a good set list, and there was a lot of energy going on on-stage, too.

Now let me get back to my chamomile tea with honey, I have to recover from concert throat.