The C. Wonder vs. Tory Burch Issue Is Getting Dirtier

Tory Burch has now filed a counter suit against her former business partner, husband and fellow prepster, Chris Burch. Chris claims that Tory and the board of Tory Burch interfered in C. Wonder as well as made it hard for him to sell his stake of the Tory Burch Empire, which she denies (she blames him for all of this, naturally).

Plus, Tory is also dispensing with any niceties, claiming in the counter suit that the

Defendants deny that C. Wonder is a cutting edge brand. C. Wonder is a knock off brand.

Ouch. She must be feeling more confident after Anna Wintour publicly backed her side of the ring.

For your benefit, here’s a visual comparison of the two labels:

C. Wonder Logo

C. Wonder Store


Tory Burch Logo


Tory Burch Store

The two, who divorced in 2007, is another example of why love and business seldom mix.