On the Filter Bubble

Recently started on The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser, a book that’s been called “explosive” and “a must-read” on personalization on the Internet.

Personalization of the Internet has been become incredibly widespread and pervasive, to the point where what we see, who we see, what we read and what we buy has in some way already been tailored for us before we even thought of taking any of these actions.

Imagine going to a shopping mall. Once you’ve entered the door, Pick n Pay will have your particular fruit and veg already picked and packed,

Next, Woolworths hands you your exact clothing or shoes or food in the right colour, size and right packaging. Exclusive Books brings you the right newspapers and books that you need, at this very time.

Then as you turn to leave, Kauai kindly hands you your favourite smoothie and wrap in the right size and selection. Voila.

That’s personalization, and this scenario is not too drastic to imagine.

This is all possible based on your online clicks, your Facebook friends, your age, city, country and Tweets. And that’s only on a macro level…